Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blog Priorities

I'm uploaded a new card design so this post isn't completely empty, but I'm mainly here to say if you are following my work on this blog and this blog only, it would be wise to move to annmarcellino.tumblr.com because that is where I update the most.

I also check www.facebook.com/annmarcellinoart regularly and nna.deviantart.com and I am trying to be on instagram more often (under annmarcellino.)  You can also still e-mail me at annmarcellino@gmail.com

I will not be deleting this blog or anything but it has become obvious for quite a while that not many people use blogspot on the regular and having several blogs makes it difficult to keep up and I tend to put my priorities on the ones where I am messaged more often.  I will keep all the artwork here but if you need to message me please do so through e-mail or facebook!  I hope to see you guys on other sites!  Thank you!

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